The best offer in Hvar for


Earliest opening hours in town! Our kayaks and paddle boards are ready for you to pick them up as early as 8 a.m.!

Free instruction courses! You never rode a kayak or a SUP before? No worries, we got all you beginners covered!

Group discounts and route recommendations! The more the merrier with only the best locations we’ve picked up for you!

Life vests and water dry bags! To make your experience more safe, practical and fun!


  • 1 hour
→ 15 EUR (113,02) HRK
  • 2 hours
→ 25 EUR (188,36) HRK
  • entire day
→ 40 EUR (301,38) HRK

Pro tip
If you’re coming as a group you can take one Paddle Board for the whole day and each of you can use it for a while ;)


Two persons* (double)

  • 1 hour
→ 20 EUR (150,69 HRK)
  • 2 hours
→ 30 EUR (226,04 HRK)
  • 3 hours*
→ 40 EUR (301,38 HRK)
  • entire day
→ 60 EUR (452,07 HRK)

* also available for single person rent

* available exclusively for a tour to the Pakleni islands, as a part of daily excursions to Hvar

Groups of more than 10 people need to make a reservation beforehand, in which case they can get a tour guide for 70 EUR (527,38) HRK per day.